Indexing disk image detector


Product description

[ Testing program]
Head detection: head diameter, plating defect, true roundness, inner aperture, concentricity, Cónce, chamfer diameter and outer diameter, surface inspection, surface characteristics, opposite side, diagonal, outer ring crack, side features, hollow concentricity, broken needle, plug hole, mark, rotary mark, monogram, eccentric, distance, internal opposite side, internal opposite angle, angle, etc.
External Screw Inspection: multi-segment head height, multi-segment head
External Screw Detection: multi-segment head height, multi-segment head width, head down length, screw total length, tooth diameter, tooth pitch, tooth angle, tooth quality, oblique teeth, head shape, tail shape, needle hole depth, etc.
 Detection of internal thread: with or without thread, pitch and drop resistance;
 [ check speed ]
[ Device accuracy ]


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